Innovative Kitchen Equipment Since 1963

Giorik is a privately owned manufacturer of professional cooking equipment, founded in 1963. Giorik’s mission is to research and develop technologically innovative solutions to be applied to their professional cooking equipment. Their user-friendly equipment simplifies complex daily operations in a modern professional kitchen.

Their dedication to sustainability drives them to manufacture highly energy efficient products with a long life cycle in order to reduce environmental impact. Their vision is to lead the professional cooking equipment industry through technical innovation, operational excellence, customer service, and added value. 

Most of Giorik’s customers have been loyal customers of the company for decades. It is their expertise and support which are testament to the complete service provided not only in manufacturing equipment, but also as acknowledged market leaders in the food service industry.

Steambox Evolution

Steambox Ovens: Technology in Constant Evolution

An ingenious patented system from Giorik now makes it possible for STEAMBOX ovens to generate steam in two different and complementary ways. These combine the quality of boiler-generated steam with the speed and economy of steam generated in INSTANT mode. The range consists of 4 sets of models that differ by type of controls and steam generating system.

  • Reversible: Door with left-hand hinges available on request.
  • Intuitive: New 9” touch screen.
  • Spacious: Just change the shelves to vary the capacity from 6 half pans up to 40 half pans or 20 full pans.
  • Lit-Up: LED lighting fitted to the door.
  • High-Tech: New software manages each cooking process.
  • Versatile: Personalized cooking programs made fast and easy with RECIPE TUNER.
  • Organized: New Easy Service rack-control system manages cooking at each level.
  • Connected: Optional WiFi module.
  • Feedback: Self-diagnosis tools for automatic functional checks.

KORE Combi-Oven

The Only Compact Oven with Boiler

For businesses with very high qualitative standards but limited space, ovens need to be efficient, multi-function and compact in size. KORE, an intuitive, evolved and high-performance oven, meets these very requirements.

The high efficiency microboiler – the only one of its kind – and the technical characteristics of its construction make the oven highly technological, delivering high performance, maximum practicality and low energy consumption.

  • Compact: only 20-1/2″ wide
  • High performance: high yield premix burner
  • Reduced consumption: high efficiency boiler
  • Intuitive: easy to understand touch screen controls
  • Easy to use: hundreds of pre-loaded recipes 

KORE is the oven every chef wants in his kitchen!


Small Counter-Top Touch Screen Ovens

Mini Touch is the revolutionary compact entry level oven by Giorik.

This range has been fitted with and intuitive and innovative touch-screen control panel which makes it possible to use preloaded cooking programs and easily to upload recipes. It’s the perfect appliance for business with limited space and demand of an easy to use, multi-functional oven!

  • Compact: only 20-1/2″ wide
  • Reduced consumption: low electrical consumption
  • Intuitive: easy to understand touch screen controls for the entire range
  • Easy to use: hundreds of pre-loaded recipes ready for use and easy for starting all the cooking programs


The Original High Performance Salamander

Hi-tech salamanders deliver measurable cost-savings and optimize working time.

  1. High heat-yield elements reach cooking temperature in record time.
  2. Up to 79% energy saving.
  3. Reduced cleaning and maintenance time.
  4. Less heat loss to the environment.

Manufacturing and operating features:

  • Exclusive heating system with elements housed in a special reflecting ceramic dish and protected by a glass diffuser that increases heat transmission enabling cooking temperature to be reached in just 8 seconds.
  • Cooking surface with stainless steel grill in Gastro Norm sizes 2/3, 1/1 or 4/3.
  • Control panel with digital display for setting cooking times from 5 seconds to 15 minutes, in 5-seconds steps. At the end of the programmed cooking cycle, that can be stored in the memory for instant repetition, the Hi-Lite model has auto-stop function with warning buzzer.
  • Stainless steel wall mount supplied as standard.

Hi-Lite Plus

Salamanders that Deliver Cooking Magic ​

Fitted with the same specially-designed elements and the same manufacturing specification, this high-tech plus model has some amazing additional features:

Dish Detector: an electronic control receives the start-up signal, switching the elements on simply by touching with the dish the bar above the grill surface. When the plate is removed, the appliance immediately returns to the STOP position. The appliance can still be started or stopped manually at any time.

Hold: this operates the side elements in alternating mode so that a dish that is ready maintains the temperature reached in the previous cooking cycle. It is possible to choose from 8 temperature settings, between 40 and 70°C. This setting is maintained indefinitely until interrupted manually.

Independently Heating Elements: When in use at maximum heat, the central elements are electronically regulated in alternating mode to guarantee even cooking and avoid over-heating.


Premium Salamanders with Technology Enhancements

The hi-touch salamander takes hi-lite technology one step further. It now responds to human touch.

  • Touch-screen panel responds to the touch of a finger.
  • A choice of 3 different operating modes:
  1. COOK: for cooking food according to the timer settings.
  2. HOLD: to maintain the dish at a stable temperature.  8 settings for temperatures between 40 and 70°C.
  3. PROGRAM (P1, P2 and P3): cooks and then maintains food at the set temperature. Settings can be stored in the memory.

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