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Vertex China

Versatility Redefined

From our humble beginnings with one customer, Vertex China has blossomed into one of today’s leading chinaware companies serving upscale restaurants, cruise lines, casinos, hotels, commercial catering and the leisure hospitality industry. Our award-winning line
is known for outstanding quality, first-class innovation, cutting-edge design and exceptional value.

London Collection

English Style & Fully Glazed Foot

Boasting a glazed foot and variety of shapes including coupes, mid-rim, wide rim and geometric shapes, London is perfect for all dining applications.

  • Aluminum oxide reinforced body for extra chip resistance
  • Low profile for superior stacking
  • Fifteen additional miniatures allows for menu specialization and matching accessories
  • Possesses a Lifetime Chip Warranty
  • Pair with London Terra, London Moonstone, and Brown Accessories

London Terra Collection


London Terra is specifically designed for today’s dining trends – sustainable, authentic, and organic. London Terra is also durable and built to last with a glazed foot and high alumina body.

  • Six body colors (Terra Cotta, Terra Jade, Terra Pearl, Terra Sky, Terra Sunrise, and Terra White) to mix and match or accent existing tableware
  • London Terra is based on super stylish coupe shapes
  • Pair with London undecorated, London
    Moonstone, and Brown Accessories

Rubicon Collection

Super White & Strong

Rubicon is the most unique dinnerware available. Nothing is whiter, stronger and accentuates food better. Rubicon decorates beautifully or is perfect as is in super white.

  • Magnesium reinforced body for strength and pristine white body
  • Versatile and popular shapes in the body including coupes, 3 oval platter styles, rectangles and traditional rim plates
  • Rubicon includes 16 stock made to order patterns, such as Desert Garden, Nightlife, Oasis, Terrazzo Palm, Terrazzo Sandstone, and Terrazzo Sky
  • Possesses a 1 Year Chip Warranty
  • Many small, unique accessories items included in range allowing the tabletop to be completed all with the same body

Crystal Bay Collection

Statement of Sophistication

Nothing is more elegant than Crystal Bay’s bright white porcelain body and concentric embossed design on the rim.

  • Lightweight porcelain body
  • A variety of shapes available from deep plates to squares and rectangles allowing Crystal Bay to work with any cuisine and decor
  • Possesses a 1 Year Chip Warranty
  • Pair with Universal accessories to complete your tabletop

Alpine Collection

Crisp, Clean, and Modern

Bright white, wider rim, flat profile – the perfect canvas for every chef – Alpine! Alpine makes it “all about the food” with its classic shape featuring a wide rim and perfect plating area.

  • Exceptionally strong, light, porcelain body
  • The full range offering makes Alpine supremely versatile
  • Perfect for decorating, Alpine includes many stock made to order patterns
  • Pair with Universal accessories to complete your tabletop

Grass Valley Collection

Fresh Take on Fine Dining

Bold, distinctive, strong – Grass Valley’s embossment makes a statement and adds a bit of verve to your tabletop. Grass Valley works as a complete shape or accent your standard tabletop with a single piece to make a statement.

  • Porcelain body provides the perfect color to compliment food
  • Exceptional strength to weight makes Grass Valley strong and light
  • Grass Valley includes many stock made to order patterns, such as Blueberry, Cilantro, Mango, Plum and Pumpkin
  • Possesses a 1 Year Chip Warranty
  • Pair with Universal accessories to complete your tabletop

Palm Collection

Tasteful, Timeless, and Relaxed

The timeless embossment on Palm is perfect for many applications, from better quality healthcare, senior living facilities, to private clubs. Combined with a bright white porcelain body, Palm creates an enduring tabletop

  • Most popular sizes and shapes available for all establishments
  • Mid-rim design is extremely versatile
  • Palm includes many stock made to order patterns, such as Somersett, Key Largo, Napa Valley, Orient Express
  • Possesses a 1 Year Chip Warranty
  • Pair with Universal accessories to complete your tabletop

Orbit Collection

True Black Porcelain

With Orbit’s trend-setting curved coupe shapes and unique accessory items, Orbit is perfect for all dining applications.

  • True black porcelain
  • Trend-setting sheer coupe shape with unique accessory items
  • Strong bodies with great thermal properties
  • Super matte finish
  • Scratch resistant

Obsidian Collection

Masterfully Mimics Cast Iron

Groundbreaking and unprecedented, true 100% black porcelain to the core with unmatched structural integrity. Supreme versatility and perfect for optimal presentation applications such as oven to table casseroles/cassoulets, as well as chilled/frozen dish presentations. Masterly manufactured to mimic a cast iron aesthetic and functionality, but without any troublesome rust or weight issues. Advantageously dishwasher safe and embellished with unique textures that aid in camouflaging any normal wear and tear scratches or scuffs.
  • 100% pure black porcelain
  • Freezer to oven compatible
  • Super matte finish and still very scratch resistant

Elements Collection

Tasteful, Timeless, and Relaxed

An element is the most basic structure in nature, but when properly arranged forges the most amazing creations. Elements dinnerware is a simple but beautiful building block to the perfect tabletop, and when paired together with food is a stunning addition to any operation.

  • Popular coupe shapes in round, deep, and rectangles.
  • Matte finish includes white, grey and black colors in all shapes.
  • Trendy Asian styles.
  • Subtle embossing from the center to the rim.

Many Other Styles​

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