Rhino Filtration

Rhino Filtration

RHINO Inceptor - Wet Waste Solids Removal

The RHINO Wet Waste Interceptor reduces the amount of wet waste solids and grease typically contained in waste water generated by restaurants and commercial kitchens in food preparations and pre-rinse sinks. 

Liquid containing wet waste from sinks is directed to the RHINO unit where it flows through a specially designed filter. The elasticity of the filter material creates passages for liquid to escape while retaining the wet solids.

The filtration bag is changed in seconds without fuss or mess facilitated by an easy clip on system. The bag can be put out with regular waste.


  • Reduces wet waste solids and grease flowing into draining systems by 95%.
  • Reduces clogging and maintenance of drainage piping.
  • Reduces costs to municipalities of treating sewage at treatment plants.
  • Reduces the number of grease trap cleanings required.
  • Reduces the odor created by a grease trap.
  • Greatly reduces the need for costly biotechnology (bacteria treatments).
  • Reduces airborn bacteria in kitchen.
  • Meets waste water discharge compliance standards.


  • Pizza parlors 
  • Grocery stores 
  • Nursing homes 
  • Hospitals 
  • Coffee shops 
  • Opticians 
  • Restaurants 
  • Commercial kitchens 
  • Residences 
  • Septic tanks 
  • School cafeterias 

Rhino Inceptor

Wet Waste Filtration System

The unit is a simple but highly effective device which filters out most of the organic solid matter before it enters the grease trap. By doing so, it prevents the organic material (food particles) from accumulating in the grease traps

NHD Filters

Nylon High Density Filters

This specially designed Nylon High Density filter traps small particles of wet waste scraps and grease particles while allowing water to escape at its natural flow rate.

Recommended Installations:
Cafés, septic tanks, dental traps

AMD Filters

Acrylic Medium Density Filters

This Acrylic Medium Density filter traps wet waste scraps and grease particles while allowing water to escape at its natural flow rate.

Recommended Installations: 
Commercial kitchens i.e. restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes

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