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White Tiger Organic Solutions

100% Natural Sustainable Refrigeration - Combining Nature & Technology

White Tiger Organic Solutions disrupt traditional humidity and temperature control solutions in all refrigeration environments through a unique holistic model in support of maximizing energy saving, equipment longevity, product shelf life, operational profitability, and minimizing carbon footprint.

100% Natural
Our filters are ‘Made in America’ and packaged in an organic material. They can last up to six months. After that, the natural material in the bag can be recycled as a deodorant in your trash to help eliminate odors making White Tiger filters truly green.

Our proprietary product is the only NSF ANSI standard 51 approved for filtering water molecules while killing mold, bacteria, and viruses. Our filters can improve perishable life up to four times depending on conditions.

Easy Installation
Our filters are easy to install using stainless steel brackets that are manufactured for long-term strength and durability. They can support up to 100lb filters for all types of refrigeration applications. From reach-in’s to large warehouses, we have got you covered. 

Organic Filtration System

Kills Bacteria & Viruses

White Tiger has developed a nanotechnology filter medium, which is supplied in the form of food grade bags. The patent pending filter medium is an activated endothermic reactor material infused with EPA-certified fungicide and antimicrobial additives. The filters are fitted inside walk-in coolers and freezers below behind the circulation fans. As warm air passes through the White Tiger filters, they absorb and bind excess moisture, microbes (such as mold, bacteria, and viruses) and gases (including ammonia and ethylene) releasing cold ‘cleansed’ air. This has the effect of ‘cleansing’ the air which extends the shelf-life of perishable foods and improves refrigeration performance.

Automated Monitoring

Wireless Remote Monitoring

White Tiger has established a partnership with CCP Technologies to provide a reliable cost-effective wireless critical control point monitoring solution to complement our filter products. By providing our customers with the simplest and most cost-effective solution for monitoring refrigeration temperature, humidity and energy performance, the benefits derived from the use of White Tiger Filters is enhanced.

Unique Bundled Solution

Refrigeration Filtration & Monitoring

When refrigeration systems are also fitted with continuous temperature, humidity, and energy monitoring, the benefits of installing White Tiger Filters become clearly evident. Typically within a few hours, the humidity and temperature within coolers and freezers will fall. In turn, this leads to a reduction in energy consumption. White Tiger has traditionally supplied automated monitoring to complement the deployment of filters. This provides our customers with access to real-time data so they can immediately see the performance improvements.

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